Give me my scallop-shell of quiet,
My staff of faith to walk upon,
My script of joy, immortal diet,
y bottle of salvation.
My gown of glory, hopes true gauge,
And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.

~Sir Walter Raleigh

A hiker, walking for pleasure, likes to choose between several alluring trails.
The pilgrim desires only the road that leads home.

~Frank W. Boreham

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"The more I think about it, the more my fancy grows upon me, and the more like a Cross the Fingerpost with its outstretched arms, becomes.

That post is the pathetic expression of the Eternal compassion for the wanderer...It is a mute but eloquent witness to His heart's great yearning that before the night comes on, they may all get safely Home!"
~Frank W. Boreham