Give me my scallop-shell of quiet,
My staff of faith to walk upon,
My script of joy, immortal diet,
y bottle of salvation.
My gown of glory, hopes true gauge,
And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.

~Sir Walter Raleigh

A hiker, walking for pleasure, likes to choose between several alluring trails.
The pilgrim desires only the road that leads home.

~Frank W. Boreham

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Names and Naming

"What's your name, child?"
The child hesitated for a moment.
"Will you please call me Cordelia? she said eagerly.
"Call you Cordelia!  Is that your name?"
"No-o-o, it's not exactly my name,
but I would love to be called Cordelia.
It's such a perfectly elegant name."

My grandmother was a critic of names - "a good, washable name" was her phrase meaning of course something that would stand when tested by time.   

Names are important, crucial even.  
They are identity.  
They make a statement, an impression.
They place one in History.

There has been a bit of family sport of late 'naming the baby'.  There is one more little one to enter our circle before years' end.  This we already know, the child is known to be a male child. He will make a quartet with the little boy-cousins that preceded him this year. (What fun is that?  Think summers to come!)

The parents of this child, have decidedly strict views where names are concerned.  'It must be strong, a bold name" says the dad - and rightfully so.  The surname name to which it will be affixed is a strong one.  The given name cannot have negative connotations or connections to unpleasant people known.  It cannot be close in sound to names already present in the family - too many of those we have! 

So far, so good.

At the recent family gathering some of us sat with the mom handing out our offerings.  An great-auntie began writing a list. A great-uncle, a teacher by profession, made practical suggestions like 'think of when he'll be in junior high.'

Our circle took on the form of a parlor game.  As is our usual, there were raised voices talking over one another along with much hilarity. The expectant mom sat with her usual calm and grace putting up with our nonsense and giving reasons 'why not' to most suggestions.

But when it all comes down to the appearance on this planet, the parents will look into the face of this little one and give him the name he will carry out into the world in years to come.

It really doesn't matter what that name will be, though I do hope it won't be too odd or goofy.  Still, at that point in time, this little one, with his new name will gain status, person-hood. 

This child will not be a mere gathering of parts and working systems as scientists would state.  No,  He is/will be a child, created in the image of a Creator God.  In his little face, there will be echos, glimpses seen of those from which he comes.  He will possess a place in History, ours and the world's.

As Time continues, he will touch many lives and make his mark on the world. I've no doubt it will be a proper and positive one.  That is how he will be trained by his godly parents.  For this, we have already prayed.

Exciting business, isn't it? This is continuum.  This is prophecy fulfilled.  Here  are promises for the future in sweetest form.

When he comes, this little one, it matters not really, what he will be called.  We will all have our pet names for him, that you can count on. 

He will become a most welcomed addition to the family.
And he will be deeply loved by all. 
That is something we do easily and well.
Quotation of course, from Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery


  1. He will by this great-auntie, be forever called He Ho, his mommy said I could. :)