Give me my scallop-shell of quiet,
My staff of faith to walk upon,
My script of joy, immortal diet,
y bottle of salvation.
My gown of glory, hopes true gauge,
And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.

~Sir Walter Raleigh

A hiker, walking for pleasure, likes to choose between several alluring trails.
The pilgrim desires only the road that leads home.

~Frank W. Boreham

Thursday, March 24, 2011

From time to time I indulge my passion for vernacular architecture by ordering long lists of titles from our accommodating library system.
The long lists become great stacks as they always seem to come at one time.

Recently a series was discovered that is perfect for chair-travel. The photos, by renowned photographers are plentiful, the text carefully crafted prose - almost poetry. Pure escapism, an indulgence of extreme scope.

In the volume pictured here the loveliest account became the thought for the day.

"In [an] ancient village on the Roman road to Strasbourg
" the writer came upon a cottage. The vertical furrowing on the individual roof tiles caught his attention as they caught the morning light. While he stood in the deserted street admiring, a Frenchman came up and asked if he could perhaps help him. The writer inquired about these tiles, their marks.
He was then told that the clay was thrown in a mold. Then the surplus clay was scraped off. "There are the marks of [the maker's fingers], Monsieur!"

Finger prints in the clay - the imprints of the craftsman that catch the light.

Is this not a beautiful picture, Dear Reader, of what we are and are to be?

Today my prayer is this, that my Creator-Craftsman's finger prints can be, not only clearly seen, but also that they catch the Light and reflect that light which also comes from Him.

"...Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hands, so are you in My hand...." Jeremiah 18.6

French Farmhouses and Cottages, Paul Walshe (British architect) and John Miller(British photographer, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., NY.


  1. Looks like a pot of tea kind of book!

    Saw that reflect of light as I was taking pictures of raindrops.

  2. You, Dame Judi, have consistently reflected the light of which you speak. Your Creator is well please, I am sure.
    Side note: despite the amount of other types of travel I engage in, I love chair travel! :)