Give me my scallop-shell of quiet,
My staff of faith to walk upon,
My script of joy, immortal diet,
y bottle of salvation.
My gown of glory, hopes true gauge,
And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.

~Sir Walter Raleigh

A hiker, walking for pleasure, likes to choose between several alluring trails.
The pilgrim desires only the road that leads home.

~Frank W. Boreham

Friday, March 1, 2013

Regarding the Future...

George MacDonald is one of my dear, dead friends and mentors.  While we don't see eye to eye on some theological points, there is much to be gleaned from his wisdom.

His was not an easy road in this life.  Not at all.  Yet he understood well his Heavenly Father's provision and plan. So George, minister that he was, taught and wrote from his own experience and journey.

What follows then, is George's good word for This Day.

It has been well said that 
no man ever sank under the burden of the day.
It is when tomorrow's burden is added
to the burden of today
that the weight is more than a man can bear.
Never load yourselves so, my friends.
If you find yourself so loaded, at least remember this:
It is your own doing~
not God's.
He begs you to leave the future to Him
and mind the present.

Looking to the future is one thing.
Fretting about it, quite another.

Go forth with joy This Day, Dear Reader, knowing the Shoulders on which today's burdens rest.